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…. we believe you’ve come to the right place! We’ve recently completed what we consider a very successful recruiting process and would love to share our experience and insights with you.

To learn about our “targeted schools” strategy, start by watching our short video to get an idea of our unique approach to the college recruiting process:

Hello. My name is Frank Johnson

In order to ensure that our daughter Emily would be seen by coaches of targeted schools, we devised and implemented a unique and thorough strategy and then we worked that strategy relentlessly.

Most families, when they seek out advice from coaches and other families, are told that they need to 1) play for a Development Academy club (for boys), an ECNL club (for girls), or a super club; and, 2) play in major college soccer showcase tournaments every year. We call that the “volume” approach - a strategy which advocates being seen by as many college coaches as possible.

While we would never say that approach is wrong (many families use that approach and are successful), we believe that our “targeted schools” strategy was at least as effective as the “volume” approach, if not more effective.

Whichever strategy you choose, we believe that our tips can be used effectively. Even if you choose the “volume” approach, we believe our tips will prove helpful to your family as you navigate the maze of college soccer recruiting!

To learn more about the “targeted schools” strategy which resulted in our daughter receiving interest from three NCAA Division 1 national champions and ultimately in her making a verbal commitment to a nationally-ranked NCAA Division 1 program (the school she had dreamed of playing for since she was 9 years old), we suggest the following steps:

1. Read The Original Tips

Begin by reading the posts in the Original Tips category. These are a series of 25 tips that I compiled while we went through the college recruiting process with Emily and which I originally posted in three discussion forums on the web. The tips were very well received, and so I decided to consolidate them here on this website. They remain largely unchanged from when I originally shared them in those discussion forums.

They may not all fit your exact situation, but I believe that there are aspects of our strategy that can be applied to every approach to the college soccer recruiting process. For example, your family may be part of an ECNL club. While that was not the route we chose, many of the tips we offer can still be applied to your approach.

2. Keep Abreast Of Recruiting News

Monitor the posts in the Recruiting News category. We scour the web for the latest news, discussions, and opinions about college soccer recruiting and share it with you here. Not everything we share will match the strategy we employed (in fact, much of it may not since our approach was fairly unique), but we want to present you with a full picture of all of the perspectives on the process we can find. That will reinforce the truth that our approach is not the only way to go about this process.

3. Download Our Bonus Content

Download our list of questions that potential recruits can ask college soccer coaches during phone calls. This is one of the most difficult parts of the process for young soccer players, but our list of questions can help.

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5. Recommend Our Guide

If you like our strategy and believe it would be helpful to others, why not suggest that your club or other soccer organization include a link to our site on their website? Just send them the link to the Recommend Our Guide page, and they can take it from there!

Finally, we sincerely hope that the information we publish on our site will help you and your family as you navigate the maze of college soccer recruiting. The process can be both exhilarating and frustrating, but it’s never boring! If we can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help in any way we can!


Frank Johnson

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